Impossible challenge: how do you get paypal to fix bugs ?

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Hey guys,

I've been using paypal for years, made 1m$+ in payout from it, and even if the mission of the company is obviously great, I have never seen such a terrible product.

It's impossible to have anything fixed, bug, blocks every 3 screens, and even CS don't seem to be able to fix those bugs.

When they ask you to verify or smth like that ? More bugs, you're not even able to verify.

Support is a pain in the a* to contact, unable themselves to fix the product (not their fault), so I'm just wondering if someone ever found a way to reach someone actually able to fix the problem.


@PayPal_EJ @PayPal_BJ @PayPal_Jo @PayPal_Yi or any other paypal, is there some kind of cheatcode to make paypal just work ? Or somebody able to fix anything our your end ? 

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