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I want to delete my paypal account.

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i want to delete my paypal account but i couldnt because i have $0.10 on my account, i couldnt empty my account and the balance is not really important. i want to delete my account.

I want to delete my paypal account.

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You don't say which country you are in but IF you have the friends/family option ask a mate or family member to send you enough to top up to the withdrawal amount so you can send it or withdraw it back to 0.

If they use funds in their balance OR bank account and not a card should be free. 

Advice is voluntary.
Kudos / Solution appreciated.

I want to delete my paypal account.

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I have absolutely no idea who the SP Two company are, and I have not authorised them to attempt to debit my Pay Pal account £4.50 every month.

I tried to email them to cancel whatever they think is my authority to debit my Pay Pal, but I have received no reply, so I assumed this was done. However they are still attempting to debit me every month (3 months so far).

I think the best solution is to close my Pay Pal account.

I want to delete my paypal account.


Hi, welcome to our Community! I'm sorry to hear that you're having trouble with ongoing billing. You can manage your subscriptions or automatic payments in your account profile. Here is an article from our Help Centre with more information. 

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