I made a purchase through an online store and it already had my paypal credentials saved.

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I used paypal to make a transaction from a website i had never used in the past and as soon as i clicked on the "pay with paypal " button my browser transfered me to my paypal account without asking me to insert my password or sending me a text, cause i have activated the 2 step verification feature. I tried doing the same from another PC and the same happened. I have never saved my paypal password in any browser or device, that is why all this came as a suprise. Is there a way that this website or any other website that might posess this forgets my credentials ?

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PayPal recognizes your devices now. PayPal pairs your account with device for checkout so you can skip login. You can manage all the saved devices by going to:


Settings > Security > Manage your logins


Plus, after a few logins, PayPal will send you an email called “Stay logged in on this trusted device”  and you can opt out from the email or leave it to stay logged in so you can skip typing password during certain activities like checkout. This is separate from Auto Login/One Touch although it takes you to that page to disable. Then you have to do a quick security check every time log in is required. If you don’t opt out, you will find Auto Login/One Touch setting is disabled. PayPal changed something in the system. 

I think they should just keep it simple and require people log in. It feels safer for users.

Kudos & Solved are greatly appreciated. 🙂
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