I have my username, how do I find the email to login?

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I know my username (and I believe the password). Is there anyway for me to login with just the username and password? And how do I find my email on the account with my Username? Thanks

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PayPal Employee
PayPal Employee

Hi @RodoWopo,

Welcome to the PayPal community! I understand that you do have a username and password, however, you have forgotten the email address used while creating this account. I'd like to provide a few steps for finding the email address.

1 - Remember any email address you have, check your inbox and junk mail folders to see if you have any emails from PayPal, and then enter it to continue with login. If you have an account with a specific email address, you will be prompted to enter your password; otherwise, the login page will indicate that you do not have an account.

2 - Log in by using your username and password. Review this help center link after logging into your account for advice on how to add, remove, or update any email addresses on your PayPal account. By this you can see what email address you have used to login.  

3 - Please review this help center link to reset your password if the information above doesn't work for you, this link also have an option to select (Forgot your email) to proceed further with reset account. 

I hope this helps!

- Ali

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