How to disable Paypal's automatic package tracking feature on the app?

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I've been annoyed with the Paypal automatic package tracking services since it was added to the app earlier this year. I already use Shop to track my packages, and FedEx has recently started tracking non-FedEx packages in their app as well. I've found Paypal's package tracking to be really buggy and not helpful, and just downright annoying. I get tracking numbers for parcels I am SENDING OUT, just because the tracking number and label is emailed to me, and even though I remove the package as soon as I create the label for it, Paypal still adds it back and informs me when its been delivered to the receiver, even though its not my package. 


I can't stand this feature, and I can't disable it as far as I can tell. You can't even stop the notifications for it without turning off Paypal notifs altogether, which I need to have on so I can tell when people send me money. This is such a bothersome feature and I can't find anyway to disable it, even when I unliked my Gmail account, it still puts packages right back on there even though its not supposed to have access to my Gmail anymore. 


How do I disable it, and if someone at Paypal sees this, please create a way to disable this feature for those of us that want to opt out. I'm tired of getting 5+ notifications on my phone per package, it's really freaking annoying and unecessary. 

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