Created PayPal account but did not finish the generate your password process

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Hello , I created PayPal account from my online banking email but did not finish the generate your password process , now i can't access the account and can't close it to recreate a new one that actually works , Is there a solution to this issue ?

I tried contacting the bank but in their online banking the account does not exist to initiate the closing option . When i tried looking for the password email , it stopped working and timed out . when i tried "forget my password " option in PayPal for my email, it gives me error . and finally when i tried contacting PayPal customer service they said it wasn't their problem and i should handle this from my bank side . please help !!!!!!!!

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Have you tried “forgot PayPal ID or email address” at to see if an account is set up for the email address? 

Go to login page, click “forgot password”, then click “forgot email”.


If no account was set up so you should be able to open new account at PayPal with your online banking email address.


You’ll need to speak to your online banking’s tech support, too. Maybe they can solve it. Does your online banking account let you link a PayPal account later after you create a PayPal account at

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