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Can anyone here help me send email to paypal - this was my reply to an email they sent me but it came back and said they could not accept email at that address as it was an unmonitored email address.  IS THERE ANY SUCH THING AS AN EMAIL ADDRESS FOR PAYPAL?


I would appreciate any suggestions to solve this problem

I have deleted some personal information in this email that is referred to in the email 

Dear PayPal,


I’m trying to open a PayPal account and I have a somewhat unique situation which is causing problem with linking my Debit Card to my new account.


Here are the facts:

I live in the Philippines

My address here is

Personal information removed here


My phone number here, a cell phone, has been verified by your system but for the record my phone number is  Personal information removed here


I am an American who has lived here in the Philippines for more than 20 years now.  I no longer have any ID from the USA, no drivers license or national ID or Passport since Passports are only good for 10 years and my last one expired in 2017 because I last made a trip here from the USA in 2007 with a new passport at that time.


I do have a local legal ID issued by the Barangay where I live that shows my address and picture and has an ID number on it. I can provide that to you no problem and I will attach that to this replay from my gmail account. 


Now here is what is causing the problem for me.  Because the Philippine mail system is not secure and in the past when my Bank in the USA, by the way that is the Great Western Bank in North Platte Nebraska that has issued my Visa ATM card, and that is where my SSA retirement monthly deposit is sent every month. 


As I was saying in the past when my ATM card was replaced and the bank sent it via the normal Mail system – it never gets to me because it just gets stolen out of the mail.  In the past the person at the bank who deals with my account, helped me by taking my card to Fedx and sent it to me that way, and that worked great, I would get the card 3 days later.


Well now there is a new person at the bank who doesn’t know me or care about me and refuses to make the effort to send me the replacement ATM card though any means but normal mail, which as I have explained doesn’t work.


So to solve this problem, I contacted the Great Western Bank back in April and asked if I could have the Replacement card sent to my Brothers address in Ojai California, and then he would Fedx me the card.


The bank people I talked to agreed and at that time, in April of 2021, they changed the address associated with me Debit card to my Brothers address which is:


Infomation removed here


Now I did all this back in April of this year because the Visa People say you can’t change your address within I think 30 or 90 days before they are sending out the new card, which in my case my current card expires the end of January 2022.


So I got all that set up so solve all the issues I just detailed for you.


Now the problem with all this is that I can’t get my card associated with my new PayPal account now because I have told your system the truth and there is no way for me to Verify a Cell Phone number in the USA because I’m not in the USA and I only have a hard wired phone for my brother.


Now you can call my brother is you want to verify all this arrangement if you don’t believe me, but I need you to allow me to associate my USA Debit card from Great Western Bank to my account, which has me listed as a Filipino resident, which I am so the system is not able to make the adjustments necessary to associate my card with my new account.


My new account is using this email address which also has been verified, so both my phone number and this email address has been verified by your system already.


Can you please help me so the card I’m trying to associate, the only card I have by the way, can be activated so I can use the PayPal account.  I have a website so I have to pay for my domain name renewal and for hosting and I have a domain name renewal due in just a week or so before I lose that domain name I have had for years.



is the link to my website.


And if the fact that my last name is different from my brothers last name bothers you with all this or makes you suspicious, you can visit my website and read about how and when I chanced my last name.  It’s under the tap Stories from my life. The story is too long to add to this email.


I sure hope that someone can over ride the system and get my Debit Card associated with the new account. 


I don’t know if I should put the Debit card information in this email because I’m not sure how secure it is but I’m sure if you check your system you will see the card I’m trying to add. 


If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me. 


I’m a 71 year old American man, living in the Philippines since 2001.  See the attached ID


Thank you in advance for the help and PLEASE understand using my computer and this email address is the ONLY way I can talk to you about this unless you want to call my phone.  I use my phone for internet access as a private wifi hot spot and NO ONE ever calls me so email me first so I know if you are going to call or we will never get connected as I don’t use the phone except as a wifi hot spot and to do things like verify a phone number with a code like I had to do when I set up my new PayPal account.


Thank you

John Randall Wilson

See Attachment for my local official ID Card




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Hello @JohnRandallWils,


I'm sorry to hear about the frustration that this has caused. For this situation, I would suggest you contact us to provide additional details. You can send us a secure message through the PayPal account hereTo contact Customer Service, please click Contact at the bottom of the PayPal website for available options, or reach out by Facebook or Twitter.  I hope this helps.




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