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Changes to Paypal Legal Agreements

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I received notification that there will be changes to the Paypal legal agreements in the US effective Aug 2, 2021.


The Ask: does anyone know if Paypal has published what the actual changes to the language in the agreements? Something like, "here's what changed".


The notification I received indicates that at least four legal documents are changing. It is difficult to know what has changed without comparing the original document that was agreed to with the updated document. Normally, in almost all contractual settings, if a signed document is edited, the changes are tracked so it is easy to see what has changed and to determine if you agree with those changes, without having to assess the entire agreement again.


Any help would be appreciated. 


Changes to Paypal Legal Agreements

I read everything that it told me to read, and I don’t understand any of the changes that PayPal is saying they are making. Can someone please make this a little bit easier for me to understand? And how will this affect me in anyway?

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