Can't Login, can't call because my mobile service is out of US


I can't log in to my Paypal account. I try adding my Taiwan phone number and it tells me to call but my mobile service which I switched recently cannot contact me internationally. Anyway else I can fix this issue?

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PayPal accounts are country specific. Usually the phone number added has to be based in the same country as the PayPal account. Supposedly, at one point the app lets you add a number from any of the countries PayPal services but that might have changed or not work anymore.


  1. Log out of all your PayPal accounts, even if signed in to the forums.
  3. Click Password and account access.    
  4. Click Login problems.    
  5. Click Call Us after “This information might help” box.    
  6. Click “call us as guest” link.
  7. Call the appropriate number observing the business hours.

Or reach out to PayPal at Facebook or Twitter for assistance:      

PayPal on Facebook

PayPal on Twitter

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