Are nickname accounts in Username and Surname changeable ever?


Hey guys. Its me again with a username change issue still. So it seems it(nicknames to realnames) can't be changed, and instead resolution agent asked me to open a business account? Do I just close the account perhaps, and what hapens to the funds in the account?

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As Paypal is a legal financial account then you need your legal name on that account.

So the funds belong to the person named on that account who has a legal document to prove its their legal name.


If its a nickname and you have no legal document to prove that name is your legal name then sorry but I don't rate your chances of being able to access your money.


Only Paypal customer services can tell you for sure though OR seek legal advice?

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Hello @Thulani108 and @kernowlass

Thanks for posting in the Community! 

As @kernowlass said, all PayPal accounts need to be registered in your legal name. @Thulani108, if you own a business, opening a business account is a great idea. You'll have the option to operate under a business name, but you will still initially set the account up under your legal name. Before closing your current account, you'll want to either withdraw your existing balance or transfer it to your new account. If your account was limited due to a fake name, you might need to wait until you receive an email stating you're eligible to withdraw.  

I hope this helps! 

- Meghan

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