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Im wondering how many days it takes Paypal to let me know that my account is verified, and how would I know ﹖

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Hey @Nuri-1099, 


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I understand you would like some information on confirming your PayPal account. Verifying your PayPal account helps make PayPal even safer for everyone. When you’re Verified, it means that you’ve provided additional information about yourself to help confirm your identity. After you are Verified, we’ll lift your limits so you can withdraw more money.

In order to verify your account, you will need to follow the outlined steps within your profile

We generally request that you confirm a bank account or confirm a card that is listed on your PayPal account. 

Following this, we may ask that you complete our Customer Identification Program (CIP). For more information on this, see: How do I confirm my identity? (CIP)

Once these steps are complete, your account will be Verified.

I hope this helps, enjoy your day! 

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