2FA off but de facto have 2FA


Hi, I have noticed more an more that PP asks me to 'verify my identity'. It does it sometimes when I log in but almost every time when I make a purchase and I'm talking small, 2 digit amounts purchases.

I went to my settings and confirmed that 2FA is turned off.

I used to like PayPal because it was simple: Check out at the store, choose PayPal, one click, paid and done. But now it's a hassle. I need to get my phone, receive a code and enter it. This feels like 2FA but again, I never turned that on. And it's small amounts too, not a $2,000 TV or anything like that.

Additionally, I use the same browser to buy stuff that I am logged into to PayPal. It is always the same IP address and location too.


Should I just delete my phone number from my PayPal account? Or is there a better fix?

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Hello @SBannoyed,


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I am sorry to know that you're facing issues with 2FA. Here's the help center article to know more information. Since, you are unable to turn off  2FA, please reach out to our customer support team through the available contact options on our website so that our advisors can help you accordingly.


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