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Using Credit Card Linked To Limited Account

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Yesterday I went to shop on eBay and I kept receiving a notification that there was an issue with my PayPak account. I logged into PayPal to find out my account had been limited. I uploaded a bank statement, my driver's license and answered questions about if I am related to anyone in politics. More than 24 hours and my account hadn't had the limitation removed so I decided to call up.


Once I got through, they told me that my account had been limited due to my name being similar to someone in politics. Is it just me or does it seam unreasonable to limit someone's account that had been active for 10 years without any issues, purely because their name is similar to someone else's? They also told me a bank statement isn't a proper proof of address but they will accept a passport, which doesnt even have our address on it.


While waiting for this extremelly annoying, unreasonable and inconvenient limitation to be lifted, I was trying to buy something on eBay just by using my credit card without signing in. I got an error saying that card isn't able to be used for that transaction. Is this because it is linked to my PayPal or a different reason? Also when it came to entering my address, everything uses my PO Box which they won't allow. 


Using Credit Card Linked To Limited Account


Hi dlee13,


Thanks for posting on the Community Forum and sorry to hear about this.


Unfortunately we are unable to view account specific details through the Forum, however it does sound like we need some additional verification from you. If you are still experiencing issues with providing documents to us, I'd advise contacting Customer Support directly for assistance.


Thanks for understanding


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