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Several Questions as I'm new to Paypal and my account is limited after 1 transaction?

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Hi , I opened a Paypal account about 2 weeks ago, made 2 transactions, and now apparently I understand Paypal gets to hold the $400.00 balance I have in there for 6 months???   Is that how it works? 


Anyway thats not my biggest issue,

I was uncomfortable opening the account in the beginning, but after day 2, I'm told I had to send all of my very personal information: Passport, Social Security Number, Credit Report, Home Phone number, information about my employment, my income, my email, which I had to fax all to you, so that you had everything. 
So after I sent everything in, I told them I'm not interested in "Paypal" anymore (even though the experience was great), I told them to remove the limit I'll withdrawal my money, you can close the account, and thats the end of Paypal and I.
I got a response back of "No"
I would think it's funny but it's not when you have all my information now. 
I am not sure if you now keep the $400 balance, but that I'm not as concerned about, as the fact that you had me send all my personal information.  And after 1 person sent money 1 time for $400?  
It doesn't add up at all, I'm extremely uncomfortable, and the fact that you #1 Don't have an email address for general support (I don't think)
2) Think you can hold people's money hostage
3) Are not even open 24 hours a day to answer phone calls, (while freezing money that doesn't belong to you)
seems odd...
How all this happened after 1 transaction seems a bit more odd.  My daughter is an attorney but she said she doesn't know a thing about how these procedures work.  She did say it seems unusual to freeze money, when your not actually a bank, or financial institution.  Your just a payment method intermediate, same as visa and Mastercard. 
I don't know, but I'm absolutely not OK with the response I got of " I'm sorry, Nooooo..."   I know it's frustrating....

Several Questions as I'm new to Paypal and my account is limited after 1 transaction?


Hi loracmgt22,


Thanks for sharing your concerns with the PayPal Community.


I am very sorry to hear that you had these issues with your account. We wouldn't be able to provide specific account information here, I am afraid. The best thing would be to get in touch with our Customer Support team through the Contact Us option at the bottom of the page in your PayPal account. There you will be able to email us and you can also find a phone number to call us for further details.


We also offer help via Facebook and Twitter: @AskPayPal


Hope this helps.



Several Questions as I'm new to Paypal and my account is limited after 1 transaction?


I will do that, but I want in writing a full explanation on exactly what hapened? why? and the solution.   They arent going to give it to me, so Im having my daughter write a formal letter requesting a full explanation and solution.  


Here's my first issue,  instead of me searching for their email address, why isn't it just known.   If Paypal doesn't own the email info at paypal  or support at paypal dot info, something is just problematic.  


I do not deal with Paypal, but I have a lot of years dealing with financial institutions, doing Real Estate, and I have never seen some of the things I have with just a week and 2 transactions with Paypal, equaling total <$400.00


None of it adds up, and now I'm suspicious to be honest.  Can you do me a favor and see if you can locate an email address (how absurd)  and just reply it to me.


Thanks so much

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