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PayPal account has been limited?

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My account has been limited, And they've said this 


We recently noticed an issue with your account.

What's the problem?

Since this is a new account, we want to make sure your information is
secure. We need some additional information to able to confirm your



Bear in mind I have sent them a Photo ID from my passport before. However, I have spent alot of money in the past 2 days, I bought this


£365 for a new phone

£72 perfume (Usa eBay)

£74 perfume (Usa eBay)

£12 a dummy phone for my cousin so he doesn't break my new phone 

£2.38 a phone case


The yesterday £6.50 for a new phone case



So I was thinking could this be the reason to why the've limited my account? I usually don't spend that much, And I'm also new to PayPal When I log in it says this


For reasons relating to the safe use of the PayPal Service we need some more information about you and your account to help confirm your identity.




I really don't know if this was the case all the spending I done, Can anyone help?



PayPal account has been limited?

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It could be that your spending is atypical to your usual "pattern".


I had the same from my credit card company once when i spent a lot suddenly.


Why not just contact them and ask what they need??


Click on the words "Contact" at the bottom of your paypal account summary page and use the phone option (if there is one in the country you are in) > click on the "call us" option on the left (fees "may" apply so check the cost with your phone tariff first, as you sometimes have to wait a while to connect).

When you get through don't select any options just hang on till you get transfered to an agent or say the word "agent".



have you considered contacting Customer Service via Facebook or Twitter?

You can send them a personal message from their facebook or twitter pages.

It's: and @AskPayPal for Twitter.

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