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PayPal account has been limited?

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Basically my account got limted today soon after 4 payments went out of my bank to pay the items I bought








So they said this 




We recently noticed an issue with your account.

What's the problem?

Since this is a new account, we want to make sure your information is
secure. We need some additional information to able to confirm your

Case ID Number: PP-004-154-522-155

To see what you can and can't do while your account is limited, please go
to the Resolution Centre.

You'll be able to withdraw money from your account within 180 days. We'll
email you when it's available. We just want to make sure that you have
money in your account to cover any payment reversals.

Yours sincerely,



Then logging in to my PayPal it says



  • 2 Sep 2015: For reasons relating to the safe use of the PayPal Service we need some more information about you and your account to help confirm your identity.




So I was wondering do you think its the large payments ive paid that all got bought in the same day? Or what? I'm unsure to why this has happend.



PayPal account has been limited?

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Probably yes. 


They need to double check your id.


Just call them. 

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