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Limited account help please

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Help me please I buy and sell online accounts and yesterday I happened to sell 4 , and PayPal limited my account due to suspicious activity but I deal with trusted users and they receive the account before sending PayPal and I'm 18 living at home and I can't provide less than half the information, I know it's possible to withdraw from a PayPal limited account before waiting 180 days I'd just like to know how

Limited account help please


Hi Areddenbury,


I am very sorry to hear that your account was limited.

Generally, when an account is limited, it is not possible to withdraw funds. In your case, it sounds like some steps have been requested. You should be able to use again all the features of your PayPal account, including the option to withdraw money, as soon as the limitation is resolved.


The best thing would be to try to provide as much information as possible. If you are having difficulties to complete some of the steps, you can contact us via Facebook or Twitter: @AskPayPal or from the Contact us option in your PayPal account.






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