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Lift Limits


Hi all,


Thanks for posting in the forum and sorry to hear that you are experiencing these difficulties to resolve the limitation on your PayPal account.  


If you were requested to provide information to lift the limits on your account and there are not features affected, the review can take up to 30 days. You should still be able to use your PayPal account as normal in the meantime. 


I understand the frustration caused as you see that there are steps that need to be completed, even though they were already done.  If all the documents were submitted and your PayPal account is verified, you don't to provide additional information. The relevant team will review and update you by email once the review is completed. 


If you can't use certain features in your PayPal account, the review should take less. If you haven't received a reply, you can contact us via Facebook or Twitter: @AskPayPal and we will follow up. 


Hope this helps.



Lift Limits

New Community Member

Same Problem here 4 week a go. Smiley Sad Saying "Thank you for providing the required information.We’ll get back to you within a few business days."

Please review my doc hurry !!!  

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