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Help needed to confirm bank!

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Recently opened paypal account in uk. Uploaded id proof of address, added and verified credit card. All green ticks in boxes. Added and tried to confirm my Tesco bank account. Now having problems. Clicked to confirm bank 4 days ago but never received the codes in bank. Today Tesco informed me Paypal had set up a direct debit, checked and they have. Same reference number etc to that shown in my paypal account. Trouble is....Still not received the deposit/s into bank with codes so CANNOT confirm bank!!


Really need some help here so if somone from paypal could offer some advice I would appreciate it. I'm getting different information in my account depending on whether I view it in classic site or normal. In one place it says codes not sent, tried everything but cannot see any way to resend so I'm stuck.  What can I do now?


Help needed to confirm bank!

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Have you checked on your online bank statement to see if the codes are there?

Have you asked your bank if the code has come through?


If they have not then contact customer services and ask them to re-send the codes.

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