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Deposits Pending

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So I linked my first bank account on my paypal account a few months ago. I was told to confirm the account via two small deposits that they would transfer within 4-6 working days. I did not recieve any payments even after months, the status still shows deposits pending. Two weeks ago I added another bank account to my paypal account and as of now I haven't recieived any deposits yet.

I live in India and the banks I linked were Indian Bank and State Bank of India respectively. I'd really like to get these accounts confirmed. Both of them still say deposits pending. Any help?


Deposits Pending


 Hi Chrizandr,


Welcome to the PayPal Community Forum!


I am sorry to hear that the random deposits are taking longer than expected. They generally take a few days to appear on your statement, but it depends on your bank. Have you checked directly with them?


If you contact us by email/ phonefrom the Contact Us link in your PayPal account or via Twitter @AskPayPal or Facebook: , we will be able to take a further look for you.





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