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Account limited due to age

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I recently had a limit placed on my account due to exceeding the funds threshold for which I have received into the account over a 12 month period. As instructed I submitted electronically ID documents. A while later after logging on I see that a limit is still on my account, contacting the help centre I was amazed to hear that I would have to close and re open the account as I had originally opened it prior to being 18. This is near.y 12 years ago. I have been using it in good faith ever since. I had no idea there was a age limit, I can't understand how PayPal allow you to open one if they have a limit, or why suitable ID wasn't requested at the time? The advisors on the help line were unhelpful, bordering on rude, and it took me most of the morning to sort it out, reopen and get details correct, I was told that they ' can't be seen to allow minors to hold an account' which I understand, but being told this 12 years after the event seems ridiculous!

Account limited due to age


Hi Cetd,


Welcome to the PayPal Community Forum and thank you for sharing your concerns.


I understand that the situation with your PayPal account can be very frustrating, particularly since your account was established for a long time. Please note that our User Agreement mentions that you must be at least 18 years old to sign up for a PayPal account. While we make every effort to ensure that all accounts are in compliance, it also your responsibility to ensure that you use PayPal in accordance to our Policies. You can open a new account and continue using PayPal.


You can find more about eligibility to use PayPal in Section 2 of the User Agreement here





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