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Account limitations

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My account was locked on the 18th of April. Trying to unlock it has been the longest process ever! Trying to call the help centre is hopeless I'm left on hold for 40mins+. When I finally spoke to someone they said it would be unlocked in 48hrs and that was a week ago! Tryin to confine my identity is seeming a struggle I've sent in the right document and for 2 weeks now it just says in progress. Confirming my bank account I might as well give up, I requested a pin and 3 weeks later still waiting. Has anyone else found it this difficult to unlock thier account ???

Account limitations


Hi GamGams,


Thanks for posting about this on the Community Forum and sorry to hear about your experience so far.


In general, when you're confirming your bank account, you should see the 4 digit code on your bank statement within 2-3 working days. If you're still having issues with either confirming your bank or lifting your limits, I would advise contacting Customer Support directly so we can ensure that your details are fully reviewed.


You can find our contact details by clicking the 'Contact' option at the bottom of any page when logged in.

Thanks for your understanding


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