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Account Limitations

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Account Limitations

So today my account got limited because i was not 18 when i created my account (i was 17 , 3 weeks or so before my birthday) and now i cant:

  • send money
  • withdraw money from your account
  • receive or request money
  • close your account

 I have money in the account and money pending, the account was used for selling on ebay and has money in the account that is needed but cant be accessed. When i go to the resolution centre i don't have any "steps to remove limitations" so i don't know what i can do to withdraw the money from the account. I understand the account can pretty much no longer be used however i would at least like to be able to withdraw the last of my money as it is needed to pay bills.

I feel like having my money restricted/taken away is unfair because i MADE the account before i was 18, even though i am now 18 and have only been using it for selling since i have been 18.

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Re: Account Limitations



You can't withdraw funds from an account that you should not have had in the first place.


If you are now 18 then contact customer services and see if they will transfer it to your new account for you.

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