Limited-Banned because i was a minor back in 2016

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Hello, i've decided to start using this paypal account since a few months ago now, it was previously owned by my mother wich i helped creating it back in 2016, all the personal data was registered and filled with her since it was her account but it was never used (no transactions no nothing), now that i decided that i was gonna use it (with her consent obviously, she didnt care since it was never used) i started changing all the data with my ID etc, now the problem begins when i introduced my ID (im from argentina so its actually DNI) and when i runned it almost instantly the account was limited (basically banned) because it appear as it was owned by me back then in 2016 (8 years ago now) when i was a minor, so for that reason even tough that i previously added my card information and had already added some money into the account with my own cards and bank accounts wich paypal didnt mind even tough the name and ID wasnt changed yet, so all of this in a period of about 3-4 months, i would like to get rid of the account limitation or at least be able to get the money out or make a transaction without having to wait 180 days, im taking my time to do this because i havent found any other solution to it, and because it doesnt make any sense the limitation, and did not get any warning before changing the personal data of the owner of the account, sorry for the one that had to the take time to read this, i hope i find a solution quickly.
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