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Geld aus versehen falsch verschickt

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Hallo, ich habe aus Versehen jmd Geld über die Option Waren und Dienstleistungen anstatt Freunde und Familie geschickt und wollte wissen ob die Person überhaupt auf das Geld so zugreifen kann und wie lange es dauert bis die Person das Geld hat ?
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Geld aus versehen falsch verschickt


2All. Original question is: "I accidentally sent money to someone using the goods and services option instead of friends and family and wanted to know if the person can even access the money and how long does it take for the person to have the money?"


We can't tell you. It depends on the account type of that person and activity grade on that account (if it is new or advanced). The worst thing could happen, money set on hold up to 21 days. Goods and services option means that person was charged a little more comissions too.

Try to contact him or her directly about it. Also he/she can make a refund. (Reverse funds back to you.)

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