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Meet the Moderation Team!

Volunteer Advisor

Meet the Moderation Team!

Meet the Moderation Team!


Hello everyone, and welcome to the meet the moderation team thread!


This is where you can learn more about the Moderation team! Take a few moments to read a little about all of the Moderators you will see popping in and out of the PayPal Community boards. Thank you for stopping in and we look forward to seeing you around the boards.

Volunteer Advisor

Re: Meet the Moderation Team!

Hello Everyone and Welcome!


Hi, I'm Misty!


I am very passionate about Social Media/Internet Marketing, Web/Graphic Design and have since 1999 when I purchased my very own personal computer.  Recently I have taken on a new hobby which is Photography, (I think I have finally found my niche in life). It goes right along with Social Media/Internet Marketing and Web/Graphic Design, right?! I am a very creative individual and I am always thinking of different ideas to make things look “unique and pretty!”


I love to spend time with my family and friends especially my husband and son! With my husband and I coaching a little league baseball team we are very busy people!


I look forward to seeing everyone around the Community and I am so glad you stopped in.


-Misty (PayPal_Misty)

Re: Meet the Moderation Team!

Hi niceto meet you all Hopefully we will get help each other and show each other support. I am James and I had a family of 5. Love writing and now trying to make a financial endeavor by writing and marketing
New Community Member

Re: Meet the Moderation Team!

Hi Misty, I'm transgender, MTF, new here. I, identify as Layla Rose. I am US Army Combat Veteran. I have some college (Cosmetology), currently getting ready to go back to school for an Associates in Business Administration. I also love traveling. That's why I took up Professional Truck Driving. Congratulations to you, wish the best for you. It's a pleasure to meet you.
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Re: Meet the Moderation Team!

Good morning: I am unsure as to what I am doing as I've never done anything remotely like the community forum. My issue is that every month I am receiving an email that my statement is due- which is fine- but it is not only in my email but also on the front of my phone!!! I have tried to stop the notification just leaving my paperless billing but I cannot find a way w/o I guess closing the account. Please tell me where I would ask (or even if I can) about this privacy problem. Lots of people at work will grab my phone - which is fine- I'd rather keep what I owe to myself!!
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Re: Meet the Moderation Team!

I admire someone with so much change in life. It shows you're not afraid to try new things, to say the least. I'm 52 now.Female, don't think the color of my skin matters. 2 kids, 2nd marriage between which I had my left arm amputated at the age of 33, not in combat, but just going get my 5 yr old son from school. Thank God I had not made it there yet. My life was spared. I was not drinking, the man that hit me was on his way home was tested and no alcohol was involved. It was just meant to happen.?. I was not bitter. I had life I had my children. But Yes We are All such beautiful gifts of God and our colours are so bright. The pleasure to meet is mine South Louisiana Bayou Friends

Re: Meet the Moderation Team!

Hi everyone!


I'm Olivia. My interests are many and varied.


I love to read, and always have at least two books going at once. I am usually in the middle of an ebook on my smartphone, and an audiobook to listen to car, or for when I'm doing boring stuff dishes or laundry.


I like to play board games with my friends. Some favorites are Settlers of Catan, 25 Words or Less, and Telestrations.


I love foods from other countries, and I go through phases where my favorites change. I'm currently really craving Ethiopian food.


There's lots more about me. Join me and the rest of the moderation team during our Community Chat every week at the time listed below in my signature, and get to know me and others in your Community. Smiley Happy


Thanks for reading!



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Re: Meet the Moderation Team!

Hi Olivia I to read as well, I has an ebook of my own out it is called New Psalms; My Soul Set Free. It's on a few online bookstore. I look forward to chatting more with the group
PayPal Employee

Re: Meet the Moderation Team!

Hi messiahps121,


Welcome to the Community! It's very nice to meet someone who uses our services and wants to be active in the Community. I hope you find it helpful!



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Re: Meet the Moderation Team!

Hello Community!


Hi, I'm Frank. 


Interests: hmmm, let me think.  Technology, Gadgets, Computer hardware, the Internet, Science, HTML/CSS, graphic design, reading, music (jazz, classical, rock, electronic to name a few) and music composition.


I would self diagnose myself as an analytical personality type and I enjoy solving problems/puzzles.



See you around the boards! Smiley Very Happy


- Frank


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