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"Memo" utility in Send Money/Manage Contacts

"Memo" utility in Send Money/Manage Contacts

I searched for a place to leave a suggestion for PayPal, but got shunted to the Community... and I'm not sure this is the place for it either... but here goes.

When sending money for a purchase, previous recipients are automatically saved and shown as a "Contact" under "Send Money."  This is fine, as long as the name associated with the transaction is one that I, as the sender, can remember.  In a couple of cases, the name is in Chinese characters, and even with Google Translate the name doesn't identify the party.

When making subsequent purchases with a Contact, it's handy to have the Contact shown this way, as the original email address may have been forgotten.  So it would be neat if under "Manage Contacts" there were a place to enter a short name for the company, agency or person's DBA to quickly identify an elusive recipient, something that could show either instead of, or alongside, the name that PayPal has on record and automatically assigns.

Status changed to: Accepted

Hi @Inojim


I've submitted this request to the product teams. Thank you for providing this feedback and hope that we can prioritize a solution that'll help you to work more efficiently. 




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@probitglobal_25...and your point is...?