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Website Payments not Processing - IPN Status Retrying

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Website Payments not Processing - IPN Status Retrying

I am having some difficulty with online payments generated from a WordPress website. I have PayPal connected to a Gravity Form with a PayPal Add-On plugin and to The Events Calendar with a Registrations plugin. The payment actually goes through to PayPal in real life, and I get a receipt "You paid $2.00 USD to (Seller)". However, no email is triggered by the plugins as expected.


I discovered that in the PayPal Instant Payment Notification (IPN) history, the status says Retrying. Likewise, the Gravity Forms Payment Status says Processing and Registrations for the Events Calendar shows the status as Online Payment Pending. It seems like one part of PayPal is working, but the IPN isn't communicating back to the website. Any ideas?


IPN not working. We called and they attempted to tell me that it was our hosting company but further investigation and lots of time later, we were able to confirm requests are not being sent at all to server and we are also not receiving payment notifications at all nor shipping label notifications.

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Having the same issue with our website - we thought it was a hosting issue (firewall blocking the IPNs) but turning that off has not resolved the problem. We have several payments with the status 'retrying' in our IPN History table now.


Same problem. I have customers with hundreds of IPN's stuck in "retrying". IPN messages are not getting through to their websites. PayPal support tells them its the eCommerce plugin's fault, but clearly the IPN's are not being sent from PayPal at all. This is 100% a PayPal issue. I hope these IPN's eventually get sent.


I submitted a ticket which was responded to today stating they are aware of this issue and it is being worked on.


Also not sending shipment emails upon creating a label, not sending payment email receipts. Absolutely nothing BUT are processing the payment and recording within a few hours to your paypal account.


Have you upgraded your API ... the old 1024 bit certificates are no longer valid and expired this week.


Check the date and if its a few years old, delete / renew it then update your plugin with the new credentials ... all the retrys should then be eventually emailed shortly after.

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Hi @madbirdesign

I'm sorry to hear you're experiencing issues with IPN. Unfortunately, this forum is for ideas on how we can help improve our documentation and merchant integration services and features.


If you'd like to ask the broader community, please post this question in the PayPal Merchant Integration Support for IPN issues.