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We welcome your ideas on how we can help improve our documentation and merchant integration services and features. We can't guarantee that ideas will be implemented but your ideas and kudos on ideas will give us valuable insights and feedback we can showcase to our product and developer teams.

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User Interface

User Interface



Simple idea -- the information which people are most interested in or at least need first should not first -- not last.


I really struggle to understand the new interface -- the old interface was vastly more functional and useful.


The info which is most relevant for me -- the amount in the account -- should it not be the first thing to load?  I would venture to say it should! At present it loads last and after 45 seconds or longer.    Really really really really really really frustrating.  I cannot express how frustrating except to compare it to getting past the recaptcha when making more than one transaction.    Please make it more user friendly like it was!  


I understand the change to put the credit bank first yet please please change it up some to put the most important info loading first.  


I am pretty certain I am not the only one greatly frustrated.  Please do some more market research to find what is most important to merchants and users.




Thank you. I appreciate the opportunity to both make a few constructive suggestion and also to vent a bit when no one can hear my screams in space.  


Thanks for understanding.

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Hi @ArtificIdio


We apologize for any frustration you've encountered with the new layout. If you could submit a ticket with the Merchant Technical Support team and provide me the number I'd be happy to take this feedback to the product teams.