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We welcome your ideas on how we can help improve our documentation and merchant integration services and features. We can't guarantee that ideas will be implemented but your ideas and kudos on ideas will give us valuable insights and feedback we can showcase to our product and developer teams.

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The "Remodel" of your entire Website since early 2018 - NOT SO GOOD.

The "Remodel" of your entire Website since early 2018 - NOT SO GOOD.

Dear PayPal gearheads & engineers;

I know you guys are brilliant, wonderfully educated in such specialized stuff in the PC industry, and always coming up with more & more 'Great' ideas to allegedly make PayPal better.  I need to tell you that you are missing the mark for us 'country folk' who just need a PLAIN, FUNCTIONAL, READABLE, UNDERSTANDABLE, EASILY USABLE website on the PC.  You have missed the mark with your new Smart Phone compatible PayPal website.  It may be great on the iphone - but it is truly not functional on our old desktop PC's.  #1 ISSUE:  You LEFT OUT the "shipped" notification on the SUMMARY PAGE that shows us non-techies in one glance, "OK, I shipped & completed this order to my customer!"  I have contacted & emailed you, and sent nasty-grams, and called customer support about this simple little missing thing in your program writing to no avail. Sending a complaint or concern to PayPal as a Merchant; Yea, it's like spitting into the Pacific ocean. It makes no difference.  I just want you engineers to know that due to an odd situation of a customer placing two orders 1 week apart - and your INADEQUATELY DESIGNED summary page that shows "COMPLETED" WHEN THE stupid MONEY HAS BEEN PUT IN!!  It cost me a $420 dollar mistake and unacceptable (to me) order mistake for a customer of mine.  NOTE TO GENIUS COMPUTER ENGINEERS:  An order is NOT "complete" when the merchant has been paid!  A LOT has to happen yet!  Us merchants have to pack the item (well & thoroughly, I hope) SHIP the item, then NOTIFY THE CUSTOMER that the item has been shipped. Your "New & (NOT) improved" paypal website FAILS TO PUT THAT FINAL "Shipped" on the Summary page which is the FIRST (1ST) AND SOMETIMES ONLY PAGE A MERCHANT LOOKS AT TO SEE IF HE/SHE HAS GOTTEN ANY ORDERS; to make sure he/she is caught up. Your current design is incomplete.  It is inadequate. I've asked engineering/writing, whatever you call yourselves in your sheltered castles over there in the wonderful land you work & design software - all to no avail. This simple, yet necessary function on the first page when logging into my paypal, just doesn't get done, and It cost me a $420 dollar mistake and unacceptable (to me) order failure for a customer of mine.  I just want to let you know I am frustrated enough with paypal to just close down my little online business OR to drop you as my online payment handler.  Yours Truly, Sharon, With Common Sense, USA


Excellent Post.   We 100% agree.  Also how do you get the process to send the customer a tracking # like it did in the past.   I am getting tired of all my customers calling or emailing me to check on their order status.  Randy

New Community Member

Agree! I rang support yesterday because I could not add the tracking number and was told "you shouldn't need to add anything because the payment is complete"! Yes, the payment is complete, but the item has not been shipped. I need to notify the customer the item is being shipped and how they can track it!!  In the support forum, a suggested workaround (FROM JULY 2016!!!) was to click on the ""View details on classic site" - but that option is not available to me. Have you not learned anything from the mess created in 2016?? 

Why change something that was working well??

Also the transaction details state: " We don't have a mailing address on file", so there's no shipping details now on Paypal (lucky I have it from the shopping cart) and today that same order transaction states: "Payment received from null", so there's no name on the transaction details either.

Even in the summary, the order is listed as:  "Payment from Paypal"  not even listing the customer name.



Status changed to: Accepted

Hi @AZDesertRat @WWLA @RCF1,


I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience we have caused with the enhancements to the website. I will take your feedback and work with the teams to address these key issues you've identified. Please check back here for updates.





To MTS Christina - Hello and thanks for the acknowledgement that someone is thinking about listening to us merchants! As I stated in no uncertain terms before - the "New & Improved" PayPal website is not even CLOSE to being complete. With particular attention to the Summary page.  There are additional comments from other (FRUSTRATED) merchants that I just read and I applaud them all. Follow our suggestions! Please!

It never fails to boggle my mind: The utter disconnect from common sense and actual reality that software writers live in.....  I Suggest that you get a couple average American PayPal merchants right in the room with the software 'geniuses' as they design this stuff and physically SHOW them what needs to be added/improved/ on your current website.

P.S. One more thing. The Font on your website.  It's too skinny and spidery. It's not easy to see or read on the average office monitor. Can you improve that too?


Hi @AZDesertRat


I definitely want to listen and push change within PayPal to improve the merchant experience. I will also take your feedback on the accessibility of the site when it comes to the font and ask that we improve this as well. 


Again, I do apologize for the negative experience you've encountered when trying to use the site. I'll make sure that your feedback is seen by the right folks to make a change.




I don't know why they insist on modifying the site to the extent they do.   

New and improved?   Hardly...

New, yes.  Improved?  Maybe for computer nerds who constantly have to tinker with something.

How about PayPal allows us to select the platform we need.....  And they don't have to pull the rug out from under us every 6 months!

Please stop!


They just changed things again overnight. Now the slim header is twice as large, and has a roll over pop down that adds even more height to try and find and click things that were once easier to click directly in the single header bar.


It is now a nightmare to get to the friggen resolution center (something we are always going into multiple times a day because of how many hacked paypal accounts are being used to make fraudulent orders). Not only does it take half a minute to click to each section, and having to login every few minutes because it never remembers a session, but now its  navigation mayhem.


Seriously guys... stop making your UX worse.


And can you do something about the layout shifts where every time I click invoice button the layout has changed and I get the invoicing feedback dialogue box? Also, do I have to see the spam every time I try to log in? I log in 20 times a day and its noise, nothing more. It's a PITA. Thanks.