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Sort Stored Buttons

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Sort Stored Buttons

Please add a feature that allows me to sort my stored buttons by either button name Item number or preferably BOTH.   The default sort order of last date edited is useless.  I typically have 200-300 stored buttons and have to add/edit/delete them on a daily basis.  Manually looking through pages of buttons to find the one I want to work with is very tedious.  Even changing the default sort to button name would be a VAST improvement.

Status changed to: Investigating

Hi @VIPAdmin


Thank you for taking the time to post your feature request. I've passed this suggestion onto our product teams and will make sure to keep you updated on any progression. 



Christina thank you very much for responding.  This is an extremely frustrating situation for me.  The sort feature would be immensely helpful.  Even if the default were changed from last edit date/time to Item Name it would be so much better.  However making the Item Name column title clickable to  sort alternating between ascending and descending would be ideal.

To give you an idea of the items I work with, we run a VIP access program for several major bands.  At each show the bands offer anywhere from 3 to 8 different VIP packages.  The Item Names follow this format...


With each of the bands having as many as 40-50 dates scheduled at any given time, you can see that the list of stored buttons can get quite long.  At any given time we might have several hundred stored buttons.  Add to that the fact that we have to edit buttons often as inventory changes, or prices get changed, etc, the 'last date edited' sort gets wonky very fast.  Being able to sort by name would make the task of maintaining our stored buttons much easier and less time consuming.