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We welcome your ideas on how we can help improve our documentation and merchant integration services and features. We can't guarantee that ideas will be implemented but your ideas and kudos on ideas will give us valuable insights and feedback we can showcase to our product and developer teams.

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Please go to other sections in help or report bugs

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Please go to other sections in help or report bugs

I think there should be another item so I can email you. All present are available. I got an authentication error: when I finished sending item 1, item 2 was sent while I haven't sent item 2. I hope there will be another section to help under this section so I can report bugs to you right away which helps us correct the misunderstanding.I encountered an error while authenticating this could affect the authentication of my account as well as other people. A lot of people are not as good at English as I have to use translator so please do that thanks. trust  paypal thank you .

i hope paypal developer can read and do this. how about you

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Status changed to: Investigating

Hi @nguyentrongdong


Let me see if I can understand your translation, you're suggesting that there is another way to notify PayPal of a "bug" in context (meaning when it's happening) outside of the current ways as someone may have an authentication issue?