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Maybe split up the Website Payments Pro Hosted & DCC forum..??

Maybe split up the Website Payments Pro Hosted & DCC forum..??

To follow up here, the "Rich Text" view is not loading for me, so I had to use HTML to submit my message, and I didn't think to include paragraph tags so that's not very readable. I was not able to find a way to edit my post after submitting it..??


Here is the same info from above with paragraphs...


Right now everything is nicely separated into their own categories except for two things, in my opinion.


The "Website Payments Pro Hosted & DCC" category seems to be merging a couple of different products into that one category. I think this will cause some confusion for people.


Website Payments Pro (3.0) and Pro Hosted are different solutions, of course. I often hear from people who have "Pro Hosted" and are thinking they have Pro.


This forum category shows both in the title, and then it also has a Website Payments Pro Hosted & DCC FAQ sticky, but that sticky seems to only refer to Website Payments Pro. It doesn't say anything about Pro Hosted.


Then when I move to the Country Restrictions sticky, it does outline both Website Payments Pro and Payments Pro Hosted as separate products.


In my opinion this should be much more clear. Website Payments Pro (3.0) should be one category / forum, and Payments Pro Hosted should be a different one.


On that note, similar confusion may come with Website Payments Pro (3.0) and Payments Pro (2.0 / PayFlow). As you're browsing the category list right now you come to this Payments Pro section and you assume that's where you need if you're using Pro. This could lead to a situation I see a lot, where people integrate DoDirectPayment only to find out later that the version of Pro they signed up doesn't support DDP.


I would recommend placing a category link under the NVP/SOAP section called Payments Pro (2.0 / PayFlow), and that could simply link to the category/forum that is already setup under the Payflow section. I just fear that people would not make it all the way down to the PayFlow section while scrolling for information about "Payments Pro".


So to sum it all up, I really feel like it should be clear with separate categories right next to each other like this:

- Website Payments Pro 3.0 (DoDirectPayment)
- Payments Pro 2.0 (PayFlow)
- Payments Pro Hosted




Status changed to: Investigating

Thank you for your feedback, I will take these suggestions to the team to update.