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Foodies Card Express

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Foodies Card Express

Access to consumers debit card has grown rapidly to become one of the most frequently held financial instrument, by household in the whole wide world. My name is Victor Kanu, am a youth with innovation as trademark. I thought of something equivalent to a debit card whereby every individual or institution most especially students who could only sort bills that pertains FOOD only in eateries••• individuals who do not earn much could have their cost of feeding deposited into an account.... Foodies Account! That way,other expenses which are required to be covered in that period of time could be well attended to with FEEDING sorted.  I will be very much obliged if support to make feeding matters secured in Africa. Every institutions especially youth of the world who are in schools or independent youths who do not earn much.
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I need a PayPal Card as a digital marketing professional to use for e-commerce and ad-campaign to operate food payment industry. Products and solutions that make everyday commerce activities such as food payment only in eateries. Using the design software which seamlessly integrate with the bank's card management system, the card should be blended different eateries brand elements with my creative imagination, making them a partner in design, while creating a sense of loyalty and enhaching affinity. Foodie Express Card can be applied to participating eateries for dinein, delivery and pick-up. The awareness eateries and banks will get from being a partner with Foodies Express Card will be immeasurable. Sustainability programs typically require alignment and coordination among a variety of stake holders in order to succeed. Some families declare that feeding from there savings account is challenging. Among student and workers, such attitude are more prevalent among those who typically revolves bank debit card. Foodies Express Card seems more polarized. The more eateries that join Foodies Express Card means the more Card we sell. Let Foodies Express Card drive customers to PayPal.