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Fix serious website bug (PayPal Verified is broken)

Fix serious website bug (PayPal Verified is broken)

When you get a "PayPal Verified" logo and verification link (typically via an eBay-to-PayPal route), the verification link used in it is broken, as of one of your sweeping and clumsy website overhauls (hint: never let old URLs fail; use 1,000 redirects if you have to, but make sure all published URLs remain functional, either to the new location of the resource, to a replacement resource, or to an explanation that the resource has been discontinued).


My official, auto-generated PayPal Verified URL, for example, is and now this just redirects to after your server chokes to death on it.


This is really bad for sellers/merchants, since it makes us look like frauds who are faking PayPal Verified status!


If you have a competent webmaster, this can probably be fixed in about 10 minutes in your webserver configuration (I would know, since that kind of stuff is my regular job).


PS: It's weird and unprofessional that there's no bug/ticket tracker to report stuff like this, only a general community chat board.  Said presumptively competent webmaster could set one of those up in about one afternoon, plus a few days of testing (maybe a bit longer if you need LDAP authentication integrated, but really you don't need people reporting bugs in your website and other software to tie their bug-reporting IDs to their actual PayPal accounts, anyway).  But at this point, you don't even have an appropriate tag ("Idea Label") under which to categorize a site bug report.  Sheesh.





I can't believe paypal hasn't replied to ANY of the questions about this issue.  This concerns basic functionality of a link that THEY CURRENTLY PROVIDE.  



It's almost hard to believe it, but the "PayPal Verified" URLs still don't work.