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We welcome your ideas on how we can help improve our documentation and merchant integration services and features. We can't guarantee that ideas will be implemented but your ideas and kudos on ideas will give us valuable insights and feedback we can showcase to our product and developer teams.

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How to change personal info without going through resolution center

Hello @Miguel214


We're sorry you are having troubles updating your personal information. This forum is specifically for ideas on how to improve our documentation and merchant integration services and features. You can re-submit your question within the PayPal Help Community or Contact Support to help guide you on how to properly update your personal information. 



Status changed to: Declined

I have done everything i can to just get the money in my acct moved to my checking acct. Guys its really upsetting me that i cant just get the transfer.


Yoiu have cost me hours of frustration. 


I expect to be compensated for this.


Simple fix. ANSWER THE PHONE!!!!


we could have resolved this last thursday. I am not perfect guys. If you need ed something from me i could have provided it.


Been in the networking field for 25 years. And this includes working with programmer's ok. I am your guinea pig.Fix my issue please 


I am trying to be professional here.


Kind Regards


Hello @cgravesadm


I'm very sorry to hear about the frustrating process you are having to go through. We were experiencing an internal issue with withdrawing funds that have since been resolved.  If you find you're still having issues withdrawing your funds, please file a ticket with our technical support teams and they would be happy to assist you with the proper solution. 


Also, in the future, if you find you are having account issues please post this to the Help Community. This will ensure your concerns do not go unnoticed. This forum is specifically for how we can help improve our documentation and merchant integration services and features. 


Again, I do apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.