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Looking to start real safe houses for reforming gang members

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Looking to start real safe houses for reforming gang members

Wanting to start safe houses for reforming gang members who wish to do nothing more than become productive members of society better family members that are friends that are people and mentor the younger ones that want to go in a gang. It is almost impossible to leave a game without getting killed or going to prison for life not all of them are the Stick of gone in your face beat you up steal your car type gang members there are the lonely ones the boosters that steal from Walmart and have to make the returns have to do the **bleep** work etc but they are still considered a member of the gang and they are usually the ones to take the falls for the big guys. You cannot let somebody out on parole or probation that is still surrounded by their gang members who are threatening to kill their mother if they don't come back and do work for the Gang. They have safe houses for domestic violence suffers, safe houses for snitches, safe houses for sex trafficking victims, all of whom have also committed crimes. Don't want out. I want to build the first gang reform house offering it to keishin offering vocational rehab putting in a ton of community service work still following their parole or probation and mentoring the Youth of the communities. I need help beginning this my son has been trying to get out of the game for 4 years for four years he's been going back to jail because they will not let him go in the steam will not give him interstate compact he wants to change so badly he has no chance. Please some of these kids are not throw away kids some of them I agree there is no hope for but there are a lot of them who are not throwaways can somebody help me start my nonprofit organization page please I would be posting updates on like finding the first building to rent in renovate working with parole and probation officers judges etcetera of course they also get a tax free donation at the end of the year so they get money back anyway LOL please somebody help me