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wrong confirmed address

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i buy at least 10 ebay items per month with paypal and this has never happened to me before.  a couple weeks ago i bought a computer cable through ebay and paid using paypal.  i just got a call from my parents today, who said a computer cable showed up at their house that they didn't buy, and they were wondering if it was mine....


so i logged into my paypal account and checked - sure enough, the "confirmed address" for that one transaction was my parents address.  i have bought items using paypal since then, and those all list my address.  i went into my profile - add or edit street address, and my parent's address is NOT listed there.  how is it possible that the package was mailed to them?  after talking with my dad tonight, he says he recently signed up for a paypal account himself, but his username is totally different than mine, as is his password.  we have the same name and live in the same city, so i wonder if paypal somehow mysteriously linked our accounts for that one day?


does anyone know what is going on here?



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