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url to post to developer testing accounts

Hi all,


I have built my own shopping cart using PHP and I use this URL on my buttons to go to pay-pals checkout page: user login id goes here). This works just fine, but I am trying to figure out what to change this URL to so it will post to my sandbox account.


I've tried several different URL's. For example I've tried the following: at at at


And none of them work. Does anyone know what I should be using? I've looked numerous times in the documentation and I get so fusturated because pay-pal seems so unorganized. Trying to find something so simple turns into a web surfing marathon.


PS I couldn't post the at symbol so I replaced it with "at"



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Re: url to post to developer testing accounts

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The Sandbox pathing or URL is:


Sandbox URL:



Ensure that you first login to your Sandbox Developer Account before attempting to test any code.



The code format should be something similar to this: @


Note, for forum posting purposes, you have put spaces in the email address as the forum does not permit posting an email address in the normal fashion.






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