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seller only accepts payments from unencrypted payments?

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seller only accepts payments from unencrypted payments?

I have had several reports from buyers that when they go to pay through my etsy site, they get this message: seller only accepts payments from unencrypted payments. I typically tell people to look up my e-mail address through paypal but it is getting quite frustrating.


When I wrote etsy to see if they have had this reported before, this was their response:

Thank you for contacting us. If your buyer is receiving an error message regarding non-encrypted payments, it is likely that your PayPal security settings are set a bit too high. Please go in to your PayPal account and lower your security settings a bit and that should work. Have the buyer try again and let us know if they continue to experience difficulties with this.


However, after searching for some time, I was unable to figure out how to change this on paypal. Any suggestions?


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Re: seller only accepts payments from unencrypted payments?

Ok I am not computer iliterate but I cannot seem to find any info tonight! I cant figure out how to delete this stupid posting. I was able to find answer with directions from someone else's post on how to change the setting of the encryption. Thanks though!

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Re: seller only accepts payments from unencrypted payments?

This may useful to others.


When my customers attempt to checkout, they receive the error "The seller accepts encrypted website payments only. You cannot pay the seller through unencrypted buttons. Please contact your seller for more details."

This error is displayed because your PayPal Account Profile is set to only accept payments from "encrypted" buttons however, your item button code is "not" encrypted. This condition interrupts the payment process and displays the error message.

To turn off this option:
1. Log in to your PayPa Account.
2. Click "Profile" tabe or "Edit Profile" link.
3. Under "Selling Preferences", select "Website Payment Preferences".
4. In the section titled "Encrypted Website Payments" select "Off".
5. Click "Save".