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buyer fraud

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buyer fraud

ebay protects buyers so much you cant sell. I sold a man in canada 20 pices of soft ware for $400. I couldnt get a tracking number but sent them anyway. of course he claimed he didnt get them and filed a dispute. I sent him 20 more.he then filed a dispute saying they were "not as discribeb" I told him I would refund on every one he returned because he said his " customers were complaining " he sent a phoney tracking number and the post office knows nothing about . I have sent 3 emails explaining the problem to the so called " resolution center " no has responded and I am going to lose $400.

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Re: buyer fraud

Sorry to hear your troubles Smiley Sad when sending across international borders, the USPS does not offer Delivery Confirmation - the only way to track it is to send it Registered Mail. That usually tacks on $10 or more to the normal shipping costs, and it takes a longer time to get there.


How it works... your package is kept in a SAFE, under lock and key - every person in charge of that safe and its contents must sign on and off when it's being sent and received to other offices, centers, yada yada. It can take awhile to get through customs because of that, but it has a tracking number. It's a secure number, so you and I can't look it up online - you have to take the slip to your USPS branch and have them look it up to see where it is.


I learned this via my local USPS branch when I sent a wholesale order to a buyer in Canada, from Nebraska in the US. Without that, I could have been out the product, money, and the customer.


I know it **bleep**, but if you end up losing the money, at least it was a learning experience (albeit expensive!) - Good luck!!