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Whos word is worth more?


Whos word is worth more?

PP says I have seller protection, bs, the buyers word trumps anything the seller says.

I sent 315 items, as stated in my auction, to the buyer. He just informed me there are 77 items missing.

He now wont have the money released until I refund him $170.00 for the 77 missing.

I know I sent 315. I don't know what to do. I dont have the money to refund him even if I wanted to.


Where is my protection? It must of been someone who works at PP who made up the rule

"The customer is always right" . So anyone know how long this may take if I refuse to accept him being right

and not refunding partial payment for PP to release the money? Or am I just getting smoke blown up my **bleep**?




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Re: Whos word is worth more?

There's not enough information to make a good answer.


What was the selling price?

What are these items?

Is the buyer local?

Did you have  photograph of what was sent?

Is this a multiple box shipment?  (UPS, for example, may take up to a week to deliver all boxes from a shipment).


Re: Whos word is worth more?

I was a lot of 315 CPU's. He bought it for $650.00. I had 3 photos posted that were clear. I shipped them USPS one package Priority mail with tracking. He got the package, and said it is less than the auction stated.

He is not local unfortionatly, he is in LA Calif. I am in Washington State.


I want to fight this but I know because I am a new seller with only a 2 feedback, PP and ebay will be on his side. Even if I was a long time seller they would still be on his side. This is so friggin **bleep**ed.


Re: Whos word is worth more?

Was the package opened and re-taped when it got to your buyer?

It has happened where packages have been opened and items removed and retaped closed and delivered. 


One thing to remember - paypal and any other business only goes by proof and what the documention, responses and

the facts are as they do not know you or the buyer.

They cannot determine if someone is lying if the facts point to a certain outcome. This is one of the hardest things in busines. This why there are certain guidelines to go by in determining who would win a dispute.


I do NOT work for Paypal or Ebay. But I do see this in my daily Job everyday.


Re: Whos word is worth more?

I don't know if the box had been tampered with. He never mentioned it.

He now has involved Ebay in this saying I am not trying to work with him. That alone proves

he is untruthful. I have responded to every message even giving suggestions on what I can do to resolve this.

He, of course, has not replied to my last two messages. He just wants his partial payment refunded, even though

he knows I cannot get that kind of money unless PP releases the funds, or replace the 71 missing CPU's. That will take some time, by then I will have been evicted.


One other thing he mentioned in his last message that got me thinking......

He said  "I am pretty sure that  ebay will give me a favor regarding this issue."

Well I think, if he is telling the truth about the situation then why would it be a "FAVOR"  ebay would do for him.

Does he know someone who works there, I wonder. He does live somewhat close by.

I don't know.... I am just angry.

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Re: Whos word is worth more?

ebay's position will be that he should ship all of the items back for a full refund - that's all they can do, they can't take sides and there's no proof as to the actual count.


Realistically, you don't know if he's lying or not - the items could have been stolen in transit.


I would tell him that you're going to file a rifling and theft report with the Post Office and ask him to make himself available for an interview with a Postal Inspector ( it's not optional, they have more powers than the police).  Then do it.


It's amazing what the Postal inspectors can turn up and they have the power to lay felony mail fraud charges.


If you insured the package, claim whatever you are short with the insurance company, who may ALSO want to talk to this guy.


Then see what happens.