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Using my credit card instead of withdrawing $ from my Paypal balance

I have a verified account. I usually pay using a credit card rather than direct withdrawel from my bank.


I wanted a way to make small payments (<$10.00) without using the credit card, since it's a PITA to enter lots of small purchases into Quicken).


I transferred $100 into my Paypal acct. The idea was to use that balance for small payments, and save the credit card for large purchases. BUT, I'm not given that option. If I charge anything to Paypal, it preferentially withdraws from my account, and I'm given no option to change that. That means all it take is one large purchase and my account is empty, thus defeating the purpose.


Any suggestions?

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Re: Using my credit card instead of withdrawing $ from my Paypal balance

paypal debits the paypal balance first.


Why not just make the small payments from your bank account and the large ones cc funded

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