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Undeliverable as Addressed

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Undeliverable as Addressed

I mailed item to buyer with a confirmed address on April 12.  On April 15 the delivery confirmation from US Postal Service says "undeliverable as addressed" at the post office of the confirmed address.  


What should I do now?

+ give refund to buyer?

+ contact post office ?  ( I didn't buy insurance)

+ wait for item to be returned to me? 

+ if I give a refund to buyer, can I get a "seller protection" refund from ebay/paypal?



Volunteer Advisor

Re: Undeliverable as Addressed

First, find out if the Post Office is right - they aren't always right on these.


Gop to and type in the zip code and do an estimate of shipping charges. - the right city an street name should pop up - if it's completely different, then someone's messed up the address.


Also Google the full address minus the recipient's name - see if that works.


THE, contact your buyer to get the corrected address or tell them that the item has to be reshipped.


If it IS the correct address, the Post Office messed up and they should redeliver it at their cost - complain to the Postmaster if you have to.


If your client messed up, then they should pay for a second delivery.


You will not get Seller Protection on this if you refund.