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Unclaimed Payment and Partial Direct Bank Transfer - How to Cancel?

New Community Member

Unclaimed Payment and Partial Direct Bank Transfer - How to Cancel?

Someone please help.  I ordered a book from a German bookstore on December 20th.  They emailed me a bill and told me their Paypal address.  After converting from Euro to USD, I paid them with a cash funded account and a small remainder from bank transfer.  Fortunately it was for ONE book so not a large amount.


However, they emailed me on December 27th indicating they did not receive payment and to send another payment to a new Paypal account. I am wondering if someone forgot their Paypal password.  Part of the payment is unclaimed but the portion from my bank transfer of $7.39 was taken from my bank account and is in their Paypal account.   I can not cancel this payment as it is a registered user.  I have tried emailing the bookstore in Germany several times in the last few days but either they are on holidays or no one knows what to do... they have not responded to either refund the payment so I can send new payment to their new Paypal account. 


I can not file a resolution either at this time so don't know what to do.  I know the unclaimed portion will be returned to me within 30 days but what about the rest.  You would think that it is one of Germanys largest bookstores that they would be more efficient than this.


Any suggestions? Thank you.