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This Card Cannot Be Used For This Transaction

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This Card Cannot Be Used For This Transaction

This card cannot be used for this transaction. You can complete the checkout with another debit or credit card. Please enter your new card information below.


this is the message I get when I try and pay for the Item I just bought off ebay.

so some one want to tell me what is going on?


list of information to hopefully help


I have used this card before with this account before.

It is the only card I have.

I am in the U.S.

It is a Visa debit card.

There are funds in the account.

I have been reading similar threads for over an hour over similar problems, but none have come out with a clear solution to the problem.

I have tried changing the shipping address to both confirmed addresses and non-conformed addresses.

I have not used the card on e-bay/paypal since the new year.

Last E-bay/PayPal use was in december.

The card is not expired.



So the sooner some one can give me some answers or at least how to fis this little snafu, the better. It has become a frustration and an annoyance. I do not want to recive A neg feedback, or worse, if it is just a glitch in the system

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Re: This Card Cannot Be Used For This Transaction

Check with the card issuer (bank) to see if they're denying the transaction.

Re: This Card Cannot Be Used For This Transaction

I too have run into this same issue; the card is valid, has been used online before and has funds to cover the amount. Have contacted the issuing bank, they approve the transaction, but PayPal will not allow the card to be used for the payment. I had read on another topic that it may be due to the credit card holder NOT having a PayPal account. PayPal does not require purchasers to have a PayPal account, however, people who have accounts never seem to have the "card cannot be used" error message. I'd hate to have every customer I service create their own PayPal account, just to pay for services... but it may be the case. No one can give me a straight answer (from a human) I';ve been lucky that so far my customers can write a check rather than pay with a credit card - but isn't that the whole point of PayPal - accepting credit cards online? If anyone has a solid answer on why this continues to be a hit or miss topic - "I'm all ears!"

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Re: This Card Cannot Be Used For This Transaction

Give it about 8-10 hours and try again.


Maybe some debit lines are down.

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Re: This Card Cannot Be Used For This Transaction

I just ran into the same problem last night.  I used the Visa gift card/ Debit card to try and make purchase on ebay last night.  All was good until I had to confirm the final payment and then I received the same message as everyone else did.


This is the only type of card I have ever used to make online purchases and I've never had a problem until last night.  I asked the Virtual Agent lol and she said, 


"In the United States, PayPal allows Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express cards with an American billing address. PayPal does not recommend adding a gift card, prepaid card, virtual card, or one-time use card to your PayPal account. Although some of these cards may be accepted, most do not pass our security checks."


Did they add new security checks or something?  What the **bleep**!  Why won't it just work like before?!