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Shipping by item in setup, but on site only by weight


Shipping by item in setup, but on site only by weight

I have two shipping possibilities, both differentiate by item. When I build a button to integrate a cart into my site, it only allows me to ship 'by weight'.


Mailed customer support 2 days ago, no answer, telephone in waiting line more than 20 minutes.....

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Re: Shipping by item in setup, but on site only by weight

Suggest trying the Shipping Override Variables.


You can override the shipping charges on a button by including the following variables:

"shipping" and/or, "shipping2". Note, the shipping variables are related to the item it is associated with, not the entire shopping cart. The "shipping" variable is the cost of shipping the first item. The "shipping2" variable is the cost you would charge for additional numbers of the same item. Let's say you charge $1 to ship the first item, but you might give a price break for the anything beyond the first item. So, for purchasing more of the item you would charge $.50 per item (2 through x).

For example:
For clear text item button code, you can override the Profile Shipping Table calculations
by adding the following lines to your extisting button code:
<input type=
"hidden" name="shipping" value="1.00">
<input type=
"hidden" name="shipping2" value=".50">

For "hosted" or "encrypted item button code you need to modify button code using
the "Advanced Variables" in Step 3. Note the text box near the bottom of the page.
There you can insert extra variables. For example, to insert the "shipping" and "shipping2"
override variables just enter:
There's no HTML extras, just the name of the variable, an equal sign and the value.

How to check to see if you have the shipping override enabled.

Note, you have to have at least one shipping method setup for the shipping override variables
to be recognized. If you don't have at least one shipping method setup, you must set one up first.

Log in to your PayPal Account.
Next to your name, select Edit Profile.
Under Selling Preferences, select Shipping Calculations.
Under Domestic Shipping Methods, check the Shipping Method Box
Click on View
On the next page, look for "Override Shipping Methods Per Transaction". It should be "ON"
If not, you need to Edit your settings.
Look for "Use the shipping fee in the transaction instead of my calculator's settings:"
Select "Yes"
Save changes




For more examples and tips, check out this page.











Re: Shipping by item in setup, but on site only by weight

Thanks for your help.


I am not a techie, so I was a little hesitant to dig in. When I was online to check it again, it did not work. Then the shipping option all of a sudden worked when I reloaded the page! I tried in a different browser and it worked too. Some hours later I tried again, and this time even the tax feature worked.  I never got an answer to my request to fix the errors, but it looks like they fixed it.