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I placed an order for a garment on April 4th. The seller contacted me on April 7th asking for a measurement the website did not show how to take. I emailed back asking for instructions, and have emailed twice more since then trying to get a response, and nothing. Should I file a dispute, attempt to get my bank to reverse charges, or what? I know there is a period of time after which nothing can be done; does anyone know when that might be? Thanks!

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Re: Scam?

If the seller won't talk to you, file a dispute and get your money back.


If this is a Chinese garment site, I'd say get your money back anyway - there's been a lot of problems with those sites over non-delivery and quality issues.


Is this an ebay purchase or a non-ebay purchase and how did you pay for this?  Credit card, debit card...

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Re: Scam?

You have 45 days to file a dispute.  Since they sent you an email, it looks like they want to communicate.  Perhaps your emails are getting caught by their Spam filter, IP filter, etc. Have you tried Calling them?  If it is an eBay purchase contact them through the Ask Seller A Question link

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