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Request a Check issue


Request a Check issue

Hi, I recently created my PayPal account and made my first online sale. I don't have a bank account or a credit card in my own name. I have the money in my account, and wanted to take it out somehow to use, or even just use it online. Unfortunately there is a sending limit on unverified accounts so I cannot use it online. Can't verify without a bank account or the PayPal card which I can't apply for as a new user. Request a Check requires a credit card and billing address. I have my fiance's which has her mother's address on it (not our own) and am wondering if this will work, or if my hard-earned money is stuck in internet-land forever with no way to buy anything with it. To be clear, the Credit Card I wish to use to Request a Check is not my name or my address, but it is active. Also, if it does work, will the check be sent to my PayPal address or to the billing address on the Credit Card? Thanks for your time!

Re: Request a Check issue

bump, views but no replies after 24 hours ;(

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Re: Request a Check issue

Contact PayPal's Customer Service.   Perhaps they can advise however, be aware that PayPal has specific rules for account verification, i.e., a bank account, credit card, or get approved for a PayPal Plus Credit Card, or PayPal Buyer Credit.   It's important to understand that If you cannot qualify, then this service is not for you.


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