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Refund for payments that shouldn't have occured?

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Refund for payments that shouldn't have occured?

Hello, about a month back I started a recurring payment cycle with Aeria Games.  A few days afterwards I realized I wouldn't be able to afford this so I sent in a request to cancel the payment.  It was not specified in the terms of the payment on thier site nor in thier "imaginary" email response to my inquires that I would have to cancel it through paypal, so assuming they would eventually do the right thing (HUGE mistake by the way) I simply trusted that they would handle it.  But come a month later I have another recurring payment taken from my account, I sent them an email and they informed me that they couldn't refund the money and that they had sent me an email (no where to be found).  My questiion is this: is there some way to force them to give the money back, whether it be by paypal putting pressure on them, or through some legal channels.  I know this message is a bit long but I wanted to whole story up there.  Thank you in advance for all your information. 


BTW: never, EVER, use Aeria Games recurring payments or anything that might require you to actually communicate with their billing department, you'd have better luck getting correspondance from a stick in your backyard.


Re: Refund for payments that shouldn't have occured?

I know for other gaming sites like Big Fish and Playfirst you do not get any refunds when you cancel.

You can try for your gaming site but it might not be possible.

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Re: Refund for payments that shouldn't have occured?

You won't get refunds - these guys know that they're borderline scam artists and they'll have put a "no refund" clause in the agreements that you signed.


Sandy came up with the way to stop further payments, though,


Login to your PayPal account, click on the "Profile" tab and then select the "Recurring Payments" and the "Preapproved Payments" links.